My son has ADHD, what can I do?

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Nowadays there have been more diagnoses of ADHD than in previous years, but why is there an increase? Do children now live in a different way than before? What can we do as parents to help our kids?

A few years ago, when my son Marco was 7 years old, he was diagnosed with ADHD, because of his different behaviors. Specialists suggested us that we did a test and take Marco to a children psychiatrist.

At the moment he was diagnosed, when doctors prescribed him drugs to “control” his behavior and attention, we felt a slight shock. It’s a feeling that many parents may experience when their child needs to take drugs to change his behavior. To be honest, I denied to myself the idea of my kid taking drugs, and I asked myself how can medicine be able to control his attention and behaviors? I wanted to obey the doctor so, for a while we gave the medicine to my child, but a few months later I decided that maybe that was not the best option for Marco, so then we stopped the medicine treatment.

Sometimes the inner fears that we have prevent us from exploring other treatment alternatives. Yes, drugs may help my kid for a while, but the truth is that we noticed that there were other methods that can also help him take control of his impulses, memory skills, and attention skills at school.

Marco started to improve. Were the drugs responsible for his improvement? Was our support as parents what helped the most? Was it the fact that we didn’t knew his way of learning and that we wanted to impose a certain way of teaching?

In my experience, I think that what helped the most was our support as parents, and the fact that we were open to other possibilities besides medicine. We were open to get to know the particular way that children learn, and not only to impose our children the way that we adults usually learn.

One of the things we did to help our child was to simply be there for him, be there in his activities, be there in his learning process, and be there in every moment that was important for him. I think that ADHD is not only a problem in kids, but also in us parents not placing enough attention to them.

Keeping our mind open to new and better alternatives, we decided for my son Marco to start using a product called Kidzen. It turned out to be an excellent idea! My son was able to learn while playing and having fun at the same time. Every child loves playing! Kidzen caught my attention because it meets the 3 learning aspects I was searching for… auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The most interesting part is that Kidzen uses a great sensor, made by the well-known and respected team at NeuroSky. This sensor measures brain frequencies, in order to detect when the child is focused. Absolute attention is the only way to keep advancing during each different level of the game. Isn’t that great?

The best part is that Kidzen is accessible for everybody… you will only need NeuroSky´s “MindWave” sensor and a PC computer in order to be able to buy (download) Kidzen from NeuroSky´s website. As a parent of a kid with ADHD, I have also played Kidzen. It has different difficulty levels, which make it really interesting. It is also a bilingual game, so language is not a barrier… you can choose either the Spanish or English version.

But maybe you are asking yourself, is Kidzen by itself the cure for ADHD? Certainly it is not. I think that the real cure is the combination of parental support plus the game. Kidzen is an excellent supportive tool that will help your children improve their attention, memory, and impulse control skills.

If you want to know more about Kidzen, and you are located in the United States, please visit NeuroSky , which also has other great and useful game options, many of those which will bring benefits to their user´s health.

If you are located in Mexico, please visit their webpage

I don’t like the idea of labeling our children… I see ADHD as an opportunity for parents to connect more with their kids.

I will also like to share with you this quick guide, which will help you to get to know more about this topic – Download the ADHD Guide.

All of my best <3

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